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    Collaborative Leadership

    Creating leaders that lead authentically and collaboratively

    We help managers and leaders navigate their journey of self discovery while developing their capacity for heartfelt leadership and purposeful collaboration. (Photo by Elaine Olsen)

    Leading the future-ready Board

    Getting governance teams and boards ready for a bold, new future

    We help Boards deepen their collaborative capacity while understanding co-leadership as a way of enhancing governance presence for more impactful results. (Photo by Taryn Hays, FORMWA)

    Co-leading for students and teachers

    Developing leaders for a brighter, better future in education

    We help students and teachers learn to lead together. New ways of relating are explored, creativity is unearthed, and an action-orientated approach is developed for teachers and students to co-design a future where success benefits everyone in the school eco-system. (Photo by Taryn Hays, FORM WA)

  • What people are saying about us

    Profound | Passionate | Empower

    Led by Elaine Olsen, the team at The Fourth Space developed and delivered a fit for purpose culture change and coaching program for our emerging procurement function at the Public Transport Authority in WA.


    The function was pressured by strategic objectives and flow on effects of COVID that drove a need for rapid growth as well as a step change in team performance. As part of a 2 year procurement transformation, Elaine’s program has been integral to retro-shifting a fundamental team and leadership culture.


    Elaine is a highly respectable organisational program developer and host who possesses an innate ability in holding the space, and in empowering our leaders with depth and presence. The team at The Fourth Space is presently working on a mastery program targeted at host leadership developments.


    Calvin Fu, Principal Advisor Procurement Transformation

    Public Transport Authority, WA Government, 2020

    The calm and relaxed way that Elaine Olsen leads you through the complex web of issues that mentoring raises belies the significance of what she has you think. For anyone interested in working effectively in schools the skills Elaine is nurturing in her workshops are of fundamental importance but the manner in which she works with you ensures that you are constantly engaged and stimulated.


    Paul Collard, CEO

    Creative Culture Education, 2019

    The Canning River Eco Education Centre organised the workshop (facilitated by The Fourth Space) to assist those wanting to take their sustainability journey to the next step. The workshop gave the participants skills to listen more carefully with the heart connecting with others to discover more about ourselves. Practical exercises using feelings to convey issues were very profound.


    Realising that we all have different thought process based on our life experiences but by acknowledging this and really listening we can work together to make a difference in the world. It was so encouraging that no matter our age or any other difference we can all be heard and contribute. Really looking forward to planning more workshops of this nature for the community to learn and grow.

    Tracy Lyon, City of Canning, 2019

    Two days after taking part in Elaine's workshop I was able to implement a number of the techniques covered during an intense conversation. These were invaluable in being able to calmly consider various perspectives. It also helped being conscious of the previous workshop discussions regarding the power of good listening. Moving forward I'm looking forward to utilising much of what was covered in my business and arts practice.


    Jodie Davidson

    Creative Practitioner and Consultant, 2019

    Last year, Elaine hosted the MIT U.Lab hub in Perth. The course was an invaluable change management program which gave me a lot of professional and personal insights. Elaine, as a facilitator is very knowledgeable and helpful. She enhanced the experience hugely. She is clearly highly passionate about change making and delivered the course in an awesome style, well done, great four months! Can’t wait to work on some of the prototypes we developed.


    Local Government Officer, Perth, 2019

    I've been to a few workshops organised by Elaine, which is what attracted me to participate in this one because I knew that it would be a great experience once again. I gained insight into really learning to listen to others while learning so much about myself. The activity leaves you with a positive mindset and it would be incredible if more people could take part in workshops like this one so we can all continue to grow and learn from others. Our world would definitely benefit from it.

    Susie, freelance consultant, 2019

    A gently powerful experience, I arrived in a frazzle and left feeling empowered with a sense of clarity.


    Shelley, environmental scientist, 2019