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    Why a coaching clinic?

    Do you feel stuck? Is there a situation where you are uncertain about what to do next? Do you enjoy the prospect of helping others find clarity about a situation?


    Then join a coaching clinic where a supportive crew of coaches will guide you through the process of finding clear answers and unexpected solutions to a challenge that currently bothers you.


    You get to present a case where there is a personal aspiration or a challenge you are seeking to address. At the same time, you also have the opportunity to be a coach to others within the coaching clinic.


    What's a coaching clinic?

    A coaching clinic is where up to five people come together to coach each other in a collective manner. A facilitator from The Fourth Space acts as the holder of space, and guides people go through the experience of being both a case giver and a coach.

    How long is a coaching clinic program?

    A coaching clinic program runs for six weeks. Coaching sessions are held once a week during this period. Each coaching session runs for approximately 90 minutes.

    How does it work?

    Each person that signs up for a coaching clinic commits to attending all six sessions during the six week period.


    Each person gets to present one case each during the course of the program. The case is a personal aspiration or a leadership challenge that is current, concrete and important. The case giver must be a key player in the case, and the case should stand to benefit from the feedback of their peers. The case giver has approximately 15 minutes to talk about their challenge. The rest of the time involves feedback from coaches and dialogues between all participants.


    Others who are not the case givers during a session, act as coaches. Their role is to provide feedback by mirroring what they heard. Their role is not to provide advice.

    What's not the coaching clinic?

    The coaching clinic is NOT a session for therapy or counselling. The focus of the coaching is about the future. This means that a coaching clinic is attended to in such a way, that everyone comes to the coaching with a positive mindset and a focus on how the case giver can move forward.

    Who can attend?

    A coaching clinic is suitable for those who are:

    • interested in developing themselves and reaching their full potential
    • seeking guidance about a decision or their future
    • keen to learn a new way of solving problems
    • experiencing a blockage that prevents them from moving forward
    • going through a transitional phase where they are not sure of which direction to take
    • feeling lost or uncertain about decisions they have to make

    What you will learn


    • an ability to see where blockages are
    • an ability to discover unexpected answers and solutions to problems
    • a deeper level of self-awareness
    • an ability to listen more deeply
    • the opportunity to develop stronger connections with others
    • the ability to see connections between seemingly unrelated things

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