• Collaborative Leadership Program

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    Why collaborative leadership?

    The world is changing at a rapid pace. Decisions made need to take into consideration multiple contexts and complex information. Ambiguity and uncertainty is the new norm. Leaders that can collaborate and see multiple perspectives are those that will enable a new breed of organisation to emerge, the organisation that is emergent and ready to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, so that new opportunities can be sensed quicker and outcomes and results are secured sooner.


    The Collaborative Leadership Lab program is an immersive, experiential journey that takes over a number of weeks. For learning to be applied and deepened, time for reflection and practise is paramount.

    What you will learn

    • collective leadership skills
    • creative thinking techniques
    • collaboration strategies

    • systems thinking

    • future-focussed thinking

    • awareness-based methodologies

    What will the learning lead to?

    Your learning may lead to:

    • better communication with peers, teams, organisation, stakeholders
    • a more creative approach to problem-solving
    • improved leadership performance
    • a stronger culture of collaboration
    • a deeper focus on the future
    • a more innovative outlook for your teams, community, organisation
    • a better understanding of self

    Who can attend?

    People who:

    • are in leadership positions or are aspiring leaders in an organisation

    • have the potential to be a leader

    • believe that a new way of leading is required for a future where their organisation can be sustained

    • are life-long learners

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