• Designing the Collaborative Team

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    Why collaboration in teams?

    Problems are becoming ever more complex. Myriad interconnections and linkages between concepts, things, feelings, thoughts, people and perceived outcomes means applying one-size fit all solution no longer works. Teams and organisations need more adaptive and emergent ways of organising. Teams usually consist of people from diverse backgrounds, with different outlooks and value. Bringing a group of people together in a way that is cohesive, connected and meaningful requires different ways of seeing each other and thinking together.


    The Designing the Collaborative Team program is designed to be immersive and experiential. Your people will learn to make visible their thinking, communicate at a deeper level while harmonising attitudes that aligns with purpose. The team that collaborates well is the team that realises their potential for creating unexpected and positive results.

    What will you learn?

    • Collaboration strategies
    • Systems thinking
    • Design thinking
    • Creative thinking techniques
    • Future-focussed thinking

    What will the learning lead to?

    The learning may lead to:

    • better communication in the team/organisation
    • a more creative approach to problem-solving
    • improved team performance
    • a stronger culture of collaboration
    • a deeper focus on the future
    • a more innovative organisational outlook

    Who is it for?

    People and teams in organisations that are:

    • looking to build innovation capacity
    • interested in new approaches to working together
    • curious and open to new ways  of doing things
    • keen to develop alternative ways of thinking
    • focussed on the future perspective
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