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    Why a change journey?

    The world is changing at a rapid pace. We face difficult decisions at every turn, and uncertainty prevails over where we are heading. We see and feel every day the unintended consequences of decisions made that affect our friends, family, the community that we are a part of, the organisations that we work for, and the environment that we live in. We feel lost, sometimes confused and oftentimes overwhelmed. We are not sure how to change things.


    How can you overcome this? How can you learn to make courageous decisions? What is required for you to BE different so you learn to tap into your sources of inspiration, and begin to see and make a new way forward?


    Our change journey could help you answer these profound questions. We've called this change journey the Ignite Lab. We want to ignite your inner spark and help launch the real You who is going to change the world.


    Change doesn't happen with a one day training program; it doesn't happen just by attending a once-off workshop. Change happens over time. That's why what we propose for you takes place as a journey over a period of weeks and months.

    An overview

    The Changemaker Lab is a learning journey aimed at those who seek to understand the following questions:


    Who am I?


    What is my place in the world?

    How do I bring my ideas into the world, and make it a better place?


    You will explore your inner source of inspiration, and discover where your highest future possibilities lie. You will learn to craft your emerging future by applying the practical steps required to make that future a reality. Along the way, coaching circles are facilitated so that your learning is immersive and experiential.


    You will learn through a mix of hands-on and thought-provoking activities combined with reflective practises.

    What you'll learn

    You will learn to:

    • uncover personal blockages and discover unexpected answers
    • develop a personal vision that enables you to map your path forward
    • think more creatively and be better able to identify ideas that move you forward
    • identify core helpers to help you move towards your future vision
    • understand different communication techniques that facilitate a deeper flow of meaning
    • connect with nature
    • see the bigger picture and understand how to interpret this at a practical level
    • create prototypes of your future
    • become facilitators of the future with toolkits that we provide

    Who can attend

    People who are:

    • feeling stuck, lost or in a transitionary phase where they need guidance

    • seeking a new direction, be it at work or with family situations, or with the community they live or work in

    • life-long learners keen to develop a wider understanding of a different way of thinking, doing and being

    • interested in integrating a new way of thinking, doing and being into all aspects of their lives including work and family

    • interested in becoming facilitators and catalysts of change within their workplace, communities and families.

    Tools and techniques you will learn

    • Coaching circles 
    • Creative thinking techniques
    • Empathic listening

    • Dialogue walks

    • Mindfulness

    • Visual modelling using plasticine

    • Embodiment practices

    • Systems thinking

    • Design thinking

    • Nature retreats

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