• Collaborative Leadership Labs for Schools

    Co-learn | Co-create | Co-design

  • Who is it for?

    This lab program is designed for students and teachers wishing to learn collective leadership and collaboration skills and strategies where co-learning is valued, creativity is practised and the future is co-designed and co-created.

    Why collaborative leadership?

    Collaborative leadership is about co-learning, being in service to others, being inspirational and mindful of how conscious leadership is practised. This lab lays the foundation for a practical approach to coaching, collective sense-making and collaborating for positive action so that impactful change can be made.

    What will students and teachers learn?

    • An ability to listen with empathy and intention
    • Ideation techniques
    • Techniques for mapping and modelling systems
    • Strategies for collaboration
    • Conscious leadership skills
    • Future-focussed thinking
    • Coaching and collective hosting techniques.

    How will the lab be designed?

    The Collaborative Leadership Lab for your school would be co-designed with you. It is a process designed to collectively set the intention and determine the detail of how this program would look like in your organisation. (This would be an immersive experience of using our methodology (derived from action research conducted at MIT and the Presencing Institute).

    What will the lab look like?

    The lab is designed to take place over a period of time - to embed deep learning and for practice to take hold. For change to be meaningful and impactful time for reflection and practice is paramount.


    A number of half day workshops are proposed. These form the foundation of the lab. Practical sessions follow; these are offered weekly/fortnightly where principles of leadership and collaboration are practised and attended to. The final workshop focusses on developing prototypes so that your collaborative leaders are empowered to take their first step into the future.

  • Are you ready?

    Reach out if you're keen to know more!