• Collaboration Lab for Students

    Be | The | Change

  • Who is it for?

    This is for 12 - 15 year olds who want to take action on creating a positive impact on matters that matter to them but are not quite sure how to go about it.

    Why do young people need to learn about collaboration?

    The things that matter to young people seem huge, bewildering and overwhelming. It seems that overcoming the obstacles are too hard. Yet they know they can't stand by and let things happen.


    New ways of thinking and doing are required to make things right. Thinking together and doing things together can have a far greater impact than one individual.


    Collaboration is not just about working together. It is about a way of seeing things together and when that happens, insights sparks, change occurs and collective impact is created.

    What will they learn?

    They will learn:

    • attentive listening techniques that help them see insights
    • relational skills that help them connect with other people
    • practises that help them to listen to their body
    • techniques for getting ideas

    What could they gain?

    They may gain:

    • a deeper understanding of other people's point of view which help them see the bigger picture
    • stronger connections with other people
    • the ability to see connections between things, which helps them to discover unexpected things
    • a more compassionate approach to people and relationships
    • a stronger sense of who they are
    • a greater awareness of what their purpose could be
    • clarity about next steps to take in making positive change happen.



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