• Leading the future-ready Board

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  • Are you a Board getting ready for the future?

    The future is here; it is uncertain, it is fast changing. How do you as the collective stewards govern your organisation in a way that is cognisant of the present, yet insightful and ever aware of what is to come? How do you prepare your organisation for a future that is co-creative, positive and purposeful?


    The Leading for the future-focussed Board program is designed to be experiential and immersive. Board members will learn by doing. They will learn to see fresh perspectives, develop deep relational capabilities while building capacity for strategic foresight and governance prowess.

    What you'll learn

    • systems thinking and modelling skills
    • deep collaboration techniques
    • perceptive relational ability
    • creative and innovative thinking techniques
    • future-focussed thinking
    • awareness based action methodologies

    What the learning means

    The learning may lead to:

    • better communication 
    • a more creative approach to problem-solving
    • improved Board performance
    • a stronger culture of collaboration
    • a deeper focus on the future
    • a more innovative organisational outlook

    How you will learn

    The Leading the future-focused Board program can be designed to suit your needs. The program can be delivered as a two day workshop or short, sharp sessions that are taken over a period of weeks where coaching sessions are offered to the Board as a way to practise and deepen their knowledge and skills.

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