• Ignite Lab Co-Design event


    Help us co-create the Ignite Lab program!


    (date to be announced)

  • Why should I help?  

    To build a program that's just right for you

    Too often workshops and program are built without too much input from the participants. As the Ignite Lab is meant to turn you inside out, and change you forever, we want to make sure that you have a chance to co-create something that is affordable, suits your busy lifestyle and make you really, really want to attend. We want to make the Ignite Lab yours.

    What do I give?

    Your time and your creativity!

    Your time is a two and a half hour commitment (on a date to be advised in the future). Your creativity is your willingness to throw your ideas into the mix and have fun! We'll be a facilitating a cafe-style workshop event where we will use some creative ideation techniques to find out what an Ignite Lab program could look like.

    What do I get back?

    A fun-filled morning, and a chance.

    We know giving up a couple of hours in a busy life-filled week is a big ask. So we want to make sure that you get something back in return.


    We promise a fun-filled morning filled with interesting people, delicious food and beverages, plus a chance to go in a draw to win an opportunity to participate in the Ignite Lab!

  • I'm in!

    Send us an email with 'Ignite Lab Co-Design' in the message section below,

    and we'll be in touch with more information!