• What is the Fourth Space about?

    Our way | We | The Future

    We use a range of methods

    We use a range of tools and techniques that span systems thinking, compassionate systems framework, warm data labs, meditative practices, embodiment practises like social presencing theatre, the arts and meta change frameworks like Theory U. We also rely on a mix of management theories, human psychology and self-awareness practices.

    We are about We

    We are about all of us. We bring together like-minded people with the belief that realising dreams becomes possible when done together. You will learn about the importance of collaboration and why connection to others can accelerate the growth of new ideas and make things happen. Being aware of We also means that you learn to see how your actions can impact and influence people, things and the environment around you. We help you to understand your place in the wider system of things so that you are more likely to make decisions and take actions that have a positive impact all around.

    We are about the head, the heart and the hand

    We are about learning new ways of thinking, doing and being. You will understand the power of listening to your heart and body, and you will learn how to take small steps towards being courageous so that action takes place and you are not paralysed by indecision.

    We are about exploration

    We are about creating a safe space where people can come together to try things and know that every failure count towards learning. This means that any ideas can be explored in a safe way. There is no room for judgement or blame.

    We are about the future

    We are here ultimately for a better future. Our aim is to make you into an inspirational person who can make a difference, and help you see that when we all work together with the same intention, the world can become a better place.