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    Elaine Olsen

    Director Collaboration and Creativity

    By night, a quantum field explorer and nordic noir aficionado

    I am a dreamer of ideas, a maker of change. Originally from Malaysia, Australia has been my home for the last thirty years. I am passionate about inspiring people, teams and organisations to step into their authentic selves. I help them discover their true potential so that they can be ready to bring about positive change in the world. Systems thinking, compassionate systems framework, design thinking and meta change frameworks like Theory U form part of my suite of methods and tools that I use to influence change.

    Liz Dare

    Learning and Project Facilitator

    By night, story seeker, star gazer & creator of ceremonies

    I am passionate about social and environmental wellbeing. I work to develop individuals and the collective so that they can build more connected relationships with themselves, with community and with the natural world. I believe this sense of inter-connectedness is vital to creating deeper understanding and trust if we are to ensure that people get things done in a way that enables organisations to adapt and thrive

    Adam Jorlen

    Futurist and Innovation Strategist

    By night, a gig go-er and planetary knowmad.

    I am a Swedish/Australian futurist. I work at the intersection of strategic foresight and entrepreneurship with a focus on broad, long and deep innovation. Broad in the sense that it goes across whole systems and beyond organisations, disciplines and sectors; long in that it is future focused and sustainable in the long term; deep as it questions assumptions and embraces the unknown.

    Dr Mike Mouritz

    Change Facilitator

    By night, a grandfather, dreamer, long time yoga practitioner and listener of eclectic pod casts.

    I am passionate about help us all move towards more sustainable future (actually now if possible). Experienced in designing and delivering change in organisation and helping teams develop their collaborative maturity so they can innovate and explore new possibilities. Experienced at and executive level in state government, local government, consulting and work as sustainability and climate researcher.

    Rod Griffiths

    Systems Elder

    By night, an eco-community thought leader and global grandparent​

    I engage with teams, individuals and consultants to tease out insights about how Tasks and Things interact in subtle as well as obvious ways - often with surprising or unintended consequences for the present and future. Hosting emergent conversation is at the core, creating increased clarity and a sense of possibility that can embraced as a way of being, not just doing.

    I draw on a long consultancy career based on systems thinking, learning with clients across a wonderfully wide range of sectors.

    Andrew Thomson

    Systemic Designer

    By night, a bedroom music producer and nappy changer.

    I am a Systems Designer, originally hailing from the UK. I am passionate about guiding cross-sector stakeholders to envisage and develop a future that is circular, not linear; that is generative not extractive. With twenty years international experience and with deep beliefs about rethinking the economy, I work to surface new insights, develop creative and holistic solutions. Collaborative emergence is my approach.