• Co-leading for Students and Teachers

    Co-creating a brighter education future

  • Co-Lead | Co-create | Co-learn

    Who is it for?

    This experience-based program is designed to bring together students and teachers in a way that allows them to learn from each other in a safe and exploratory environment where co-learning is emphasised, collective coaching is practised and creativity is nurtured.

    Why co-leadership?

    A co-leadership program is designed to cultivate the mindset shift, harness the co-creative process and develop a deeper, more relational perspective that enable students and teachers to co-lead and thrive in a rapidly changing world. This program lays the foundation for a practical approach to coaching, collective sense-making and collaborating for positive action so that student leaders and teacher leaders learn to learn and lead together.

    What will students and teachers learn?

    • Collective leadership skills
    • Ideation techniques
    • Ability to develop personal strengths
    • Techniques for mapping and modelling systems
    • Strategies for collaboration
    • Future-focussed thinking
    • Coaching and collective hosting techniques.

    What would their learning lead to?

    Their learning may lead to:

    • better communication between teachers and students
    • improved teacher and student collaboration
    • more confident students
    • a higher level of self awareness 
    • a more creative approach to problem-solving
    • a deeper focus on the future
    • a more bold and innovative school outlook

    Who can participate?

    Students with potential and teachers who are open-minded, curious by nature and willing to co-explore challenges at the personal, professional, school community level.

    What will the program look like?

    The program can be designed to take place over a course of one school term, to embed deep learning and for practice to take hold. For change to be meaningful and impactful time for reflection and practice is paramount.


    A number of sessions are proposed where principles of leadership and collaboration are practised and attended to. A number of sessions are offered towards the end for turning ideas into action and co-creating the future.

  • Are you ready?

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